Student feedback

“I really enjoyed my time at Vilacello! Each of the faculty were helpful and encouraging, and the chamber coachings were quite helpful. Lessons were super helpful, and I learned a lot. The chamber playing was my favorite part of the festival. I loved getting to make music and learn with friends. I thought each of the coaches were helpful and they helped each of us learn better what chamber playing looks like. I thought the daily schedule was quite manageable. It let us who wanted to spend as much time as possible in the practice room to do so, while allowing others to have a break or relax. I enjoyed the way individual practice was broken up with chamber practice, so it helped to keep a clear head. After a long morning of rehearsal, lunch was always a helpful break to relax for a little while before diving back into coachings and practices. I really enjoyed my time at Vilacello and would definitely consider returning next year!”

“The one thing that really made me enjoy this camp were the faculty performances. It was a really incredible and interesting experience seeing professionals in person. The faculty were so extremely talented, all the pieces they chose were incredible and I really really would like to see that again.” “The lessons were very informative and high caliber.”

“I liked how the camp pushed you to do your best but also was very clear about not to over push yourself. Vilacello was probably the best experience I had.”

Parent Feedback

“Vilacello placed an enduring guidepost on my son’s musical journey. I could not believe that my son made such great improvement in only one week! He loved the faculty members! They were talented, professional, and super nice!”

“My son’s favorite parts were: 1-1 lessons, group practices, and faculty recitals! As a parent, I enjoyed the students’ recital in Philly. I could not believe that my son made such great improvement in only one week! Thank you for the opportunity to play with him in the final recital, Bart! He loved the faculty members! They were talented, professional, and super nice! It was nice to chat with Chan Mi who was super helpful and sweet. He is already looking forward to the next one!”

“Our girls had a great week! They enjoyed the camaraderie with the other kids, and the biggest highlight was the chamber playing with other kids and also the coaching they received. They also really enjoyed their lessons and interacting with a variety of teachers. The daily schedule worked out well. They were kept busy enough but also felt like they enjoyed the other kids there. They also enjoyed the variety of being able to take a piano lesson during the week.”

“My child had a very good experience at the Vilacello String and Piano Festival 2023. The daily schedule was good for him. He was not tired at all. He was excited every day. The performances were beautiful. We could see the teachers’ efforts. The meals were perfect. He really enjoyed each meal. The repertoire he played was at a good level for him. Everything is good! He enjoyed the classes and the time with teachers and peers.”

 “Our family is so thankful for last summer’s Vilacello Music Festival. From our perspective we really enjoyed seeing our kids show significant improvement in their musicality and technique. This was demonstrated not only in their final recital performance but also in their continued musical studies since the festival.”